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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Here is some Random for ya!

 I woke up today wishing more than anything that I could take off work and catch up on another 8 hours of sleep! Therefore, I feel like I am straight out of a zombie movie (me being the zombie of course!) Here's the dilemma: I love participating in WILW and "Oh, How Pinteresting" but don't have even one ounce of creativity in me today. So I typed "random" into the Pinterest search bar and here's a tad bit of the randomness-overload I received!

seriously?! This is like a photo of me this morning in caricature form, ha!

I have to say, that's pretty cool!

Source: via Allen on Pinterest

baby elephant...what an oxymoron! {but still VERY cute!}

I totally laughed out loud at this!

Source: via Katie on Pinterest
What a rebel!

So that sums up my randomness for you today...come back tomorrow for a whole new level of random, ha! :)

love always,


ashlyn williams said...

that corn cutter is the coolest thing ever. i hate eating corn off the cob, so it def need that in my life. ha

happy wednesday
xx :: ashlyn

let it be beautiful

Lauren said...

Hahaha I love all this randomness that's how I felt this am too :-)

Jes said...

That corn thingy bob is brilliant! And that cute little turtle just became my desktop background :)

Have a great day!

Katie said...

That baby elephant and turtle are so freaking cute!

Erica said...

Super cute random pins!!! Love the hula hoop kitty- too funny!

Monica said...

Cute pins! I love the panic and freak out one!

Faith said...

oh wow, i am so loving that corn cutter! i so need that in my life!

Momma B said...

I need to find that corn cob cutter ASAP!

brittany.kuhn said...

That corn cutter is genious!
love your randomness, I frequently run out of ideas to look for on pinterest and look at random stuff. I was feeling the same way you are on Monday, so bad I wanted to call off and just lay in bed all day with my fiance and just sleep...but the checkbook wasn't allowing it ): Hope the rest of your week gets better! atleast we are halfway to the weekend

Ashley said...

Pugs make the cutest dogs for dressing up! That picture is soo cute and funny. I need to find that corn thing because that is so practical!

Cute blog :)