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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Meet Candice!

Happy Tuesday! 
I'm thrilled to have Candice as a guest on my blog today...ENJOY!

Hello all you B.E.A.U.T.IFUL Asha's Aspects readers!! I am soooo excited to be guest posting for Asha today, isn't she the sweetest!? Ugh! I just want to live near her so we can be IRL friends!!! #bloggerissues
{That's me. Of course Asha want's to be my IRL friend too, duh! Who wouldn't with a boa like that!? I would totes let you borrow, Asha! xx}
I blog over in Candy Land...which probably sounds like a bit of a lame blog name, I know. BUT there is a little story behind it, you see my name is Candice. When I was a kid I hated being called 'Candy' with a passion, because there was a "naughty mans club", as I called it, in town with big flashing, pink lights and 'Candy' spelled out. As a kid, I was also known for being a bit "lala" and definitely danced around to my own tune. My dad would frequently yank me back to earth with the question, "and how is the weather in Candy Land today?". My dad is no longer with us, so despite my original feelings about the name, I have grown quite fond of it and, ironically, my closest friends from high school have always called me 'Candy' (they don't know about the naughty man story, bless 'em).
{my handsome, hero of a daddio, and my boyfraaand. I like them.}
Whoops! Off on a little tangent there, sorry! But that's what you can expect from me! My blog is like my diary, where I write about my life, and my thoughts...which don't always hold any particular relevance. Something I do post about regularly however, is my obsession love of weddings! Each Wednesday, in fact!
I started out posting about various details that make up a wedding, but now mostly post inspiration boards I've created and have just started featuring real life weddings!! (Asha's is my first!!)
These are a couple of my favourite boards to date, I hope you like them!!

I hope that gives you a taste of my sweet, but a little unique blog!! Do come visit me, I would love to have you! And if you are at all interested in letting me feature your wedding, please contact me ASAP!! You cannot imagine how excited I will be to hear from you!!!
Thank you ever so much for having me, Asha!! It has been such a pleasure!! You are a total babe :) xx

Candice has become such a great blog friend and even though she lives in Australia (the other side of the world for me!) I hope that one day we can become 'real life' friends as well :) p.s. - I am guest posting about my wedding at her blog tomorrow and it will be filled with pictures from my Big Day! 

love always,

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Lauren said...

Great guest blog, nice to meet you :-)