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Friday, April 27, 2012

Mysterious Gifts...

Do you want to hear the strangest thing?
I got home from work yesterday, opened my mailbox and wayyyy in the back I saw a tiny package. Regardless of how big or small a package is, it's still a package and that in itself makes me very excited!
So I immediately wanted to know:
 1) Who the kind person was that sent me something
2) What in the world was inside!

Well, I only got the answer to one of those questions.
It turns out there was a bottle of beautiful pink GLITTER nail polish! Completely my style :)
However, there was no return address on the package and there wasn't even a note inside. Strange, huh?
But I just want to put it out there that if whoever sent it to me is reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I just did glitter on my ring finger. Isn't it fab?!
 Then, I left to run errands and returned home to find another package at my front door!
This one was also without a note inside or any indication of who the sender was.
I was officially freaked out!
After watching an entire season of Pretty Little Liars on Hulu last week, I was beginning to wonder if "A" was sending me a signal, haha!

But worry not, I remembered that I was supposed to be doing a book review and double-checked online. Sure enough, that was the book.
this book is very addicting so far!

 The Nail Files

Have a great Friday!
love always,


Lauren said...

How sweet & mysterious! I LOVE that nail polish :-)

jennie said...

That's so fun (and not creepy because they're lovely gifts -haha!)! The sparkles are great!

Kimberlee said...

haha that is so bizarre! I want a surprise nail polish in my mailbox :)

tara said...

such pretty nail polish!

Angie said...

Oh wow, that is crazy! I don't know how I would respond to a mysterious gift. At least it's an awesome polish color though :)

Kelly said...

I have that glitter polish and it's one of my faves =D

Have a good weekend!


Haley W. said...

That is definitely so weird..but so exciting! Still haven't found out who sent it to you?
Here's to hoping they keep sending! :P

Sarah E. said...

That glitter nail polish is gorgeous!

Nichole said...

Soooo you still never found out who sent the polish?!