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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Drawing Conclusions

Are you ready to be bored? Just kidding! Well, I hope I'm kidding.
Remember the iphone debate I had on the blog last Friday? Well, here is what has come of that: I have drawn the conclusion that my hubby is getting the iphone 4S (it's working it's way through the postal delivery system as I write!) so I will play incessantly with it {especially with Siri, she seems amazing!} and pretend that I own it until October when I can get the iphone 5. Sounds good, right? Ha!

So now for the fun stuff....
IT'S OK....

Its Ok Thursdays

  • to laugh so hard you feel like you did a 45 minute ab workout in 45 seconds
  • to have trouble committing to a cell phone (I will be stuck with it for 2 whole years!)
  • to eat an apple a day because you think it will really save your life. You never know, right?
  • to give yourself a pep talk before going to the gym 
  • to drive to the gym, park your car, feel incredibly tired all of a sudden and just drive away (horrible, I know!)
  • to convince myself that I love shopping more than food as an incentive to lose weight.
  • that the hubby and I go into the car to have a "serious" talk even though we don't have kids, or even animals, in the house. 
  • to be so excited that I have so many excuses to go shopping in the next few weeks (birthday/wedding/graduation gifts for friends)
  • to go shopping for friends and end up buying 15 things for yourself.

love always,


Lauren said...

Haha I love the gym one! I so want an Iphone, thinking I migth get one in June when my contract is up finally so let me know how you guys like it ;-) Yay for birthdays!

Kat said...

Driving to the gym is half the battle right? I've so been there!

Haley W. said...

I am the SAME way with phones...2 years is a long time! Gotta make you totally love it.

Yes, def. okay to go shopping for friends and buy things for yourself..I do it every.single.time!

Candice said...

I laughed so hard about the gym one!

I am very jealous about your iPhones! Mine has been so amazing and I loved it to death...literally! Unfortunately, we can't afford a replacement and in Australia they don't insure phones like they do back in NZ!! :(

Angie said...

We need to shop together. Sounds like you love shopping as much as me :)